Dr. Shibley provides a service that examines a person's health care needs and provides educational information to help patients regain their health.The recommendations made for your health care program are based on you as an individual, whole person.

The sum of your all your parts
Not just a part of you

Your experience with naturopathic care will be a process of self discovery, lifestyle management, and establishment of a healthy physical, mental, and spiritual body/soul.

Therapeutic Modalities  

● Nutrition (testing, counseling, and supplements from only the most reliable manufacturers)

● Herbs - see Health Info Page

● Homeopathy: 

● Reiki- Certified level 2

● Functional Medicine - Certified Functional Medicine University

● Pharmaceutical Care - see Pharmacy Page

Commonly Used Assessment Tools  

● Food allergy, Candida, & Celiac screening - Diagnos-Techs,
   ALCAT, Cyrex Labs and US BioTeck

● Gastrointestinal health, Endocrine/Hormone, Nutrient screening -  Diagnos-Techs, Great Plains Lab

● Hair analysis - Analytical Research Labs, Trace Elements,