Pharmaceutical Care & Herbal Medicine

Pharmacy - Pharmaceutical Care  (                              )

  • Pharmaceutical care is the direct, responsible requirement of the pharmacist to provide medication-related care for the purpose of achieving definite, therapeutic outcomes that improve a patient’s quality of life.
  • Responsibility for therapeutic outcomes resulting from the pharmacists actions does not mean that they have exclusive authority over matters related to medication use; therefore, they work with other health-care professionals who have valuable and well-established, well-recognized roles in the medication use process. 
  • Pharmacists’ actions in pharmaceutical care is conducted and viewed as collaborative. The knowledge, skills, and traditions of pharmacists, however, make them legitimate leaders in the efforts of the patient's health-care team members to improve the patient's medication use and ultimately the outcome of drug therapy.
  • Dr. Shibley can provide pharmaceutical care services to patients who have a primary care provider. She has been a pharmacist, providing pharmaceutical services care for over 30 years.   

Pharmacy - Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine is increasingly being used by more people in America and pharmacists are on front lines to recognize any potential adverse drug interactions and side effects. Herbs are and can be used safely and effectively for many conditions. As with any medication, to ensure the most benefit and least potential for harm, consulting with a health care practitioner who has the education and training to assist the herb user can be  invaluable and possibly even life saving. 

Dr. Shibley has worked to help educate pharmacists and other conventional health care practitioners about herbal medicine along with other alternative complementary practices. She presently periodically teaches at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy, Boston and offers a special rotation for pharmacy students at her practice site on an ongoing basis.

Excellent information on herbs from the American Botanical Council.