Important Research Highlights 
High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) & Mercury Contamination!
Check it out. Besides HFCS's potential contribution to obesity and other diet-related diseases,  Environmental Health, a peer reviewed scientific journal, reported that commercial HFCS appears to be routinely contaminated with mercury.
Health Information Web Sites & Files
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American  Botanical Council
Natural Medicine Database

Homeopathic Educational Services
National Center for Homeopathy

Dr. Shibley only recommends supplements from the companies and wholesalers with high standards. Major suppliers:

1. Natural Partners
2. Emerson Ecologics
3. Standard Process
4. Procana
5. BioResource
6. BrainChild 

Quality Assurance
Consumer Labs

Environment, Food, and Toxicology 
Sunscreen Guide
Shopper's Guide to Pesticides
Dangerous House Hold Product